Mission, Vision & Values

Today you can begin a journey from a broad vision to a coherent strategy with well-defined objectives and create your action plan of activities that will see your business grow and succeed.

At JW Associates we believe there is interdependency between vision, mission, strategy, goals, objectives and your plan of action to strategically develop your business and people.

70 percent infoWhat do we mean by mission?

The mission statement should comprise the following four elements:

  • Purpose: One sentence that describes the end result an organisation seeks to accomplish
  • Customers: A description of the customers you intend to serve
  • Approach: A description of the primary means used to accomplish the purpose
  • Values: A list of the values that guide the work of the business

What is your vision for the business?

Let us help you articulate your vision for the business so that everyone better understands your goals and leadership style.

Why are values so important?

The values of an organisation are what it believes is the right way to do things; it is the way to serve your customers and other stakeholders and value them.

Value statements have little meaning if your business is not demonstrating these values in their work, activities or staff behaviours.  We have proven ways to draw out your values and drivers for the business so it can shine above the competition.       Jo Watson

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