Fundraising hit a brick wall?

Are you a volunteer or member of staff of a charity, social enterprise or community organisation and you need help to get your income generation flourishing? Or are you worried about all the changes and ever reducing statutory funding? Could you benefit from the experience of twenty years plus in raising funds?

We can review your fundraising plan or write one with you.  There are lots of ways we can help, examples include:

  • Session with senior staff and voluntary board to explore options for income
  • Complete a fundraising review and make actionable recommendations
  • Write a income generation strategy that will engage staff and supporters alike
  • Help you to write and communicate a compelling campaign case for support
  • Coaching support for fundraising staff or volunteers
  • Coaching support for CEO undertaking capital fundraising campaigns
  • ‘Get your message across to grow donor base’ – how to maximise your fundraising and external communications

We have lots of tried and tested strategies to help you diversify your income whether through managing fundraising events, major donors, regular giving, online giving, capital campaigns, winning corporate partnerships, grant applications, or by standing out from the crowd.

Give us a call to chat through your needs and the first two hour no obligation consultation is free! Contact us today