Engage your staff and reap the benefits

Employee engagement is so much more than an indication of happiness in the workplace or statistics from a staff survey.  True employee engagement is the emotional connection staff have to your organisation and its business goals, resulting in them going the extra mile. Emotional connection is that just a fuzzy warm management term? Here at JW we would argue no.

Countless studies have shown that staff who have an emotional connection to their organisation are more productive, give better customer service and are less likely to leave.  Just take a moment to think how much it costs your business to recruit staff and the loss of productivity until new staff are fully inducted.

87 percent infoGood customer service means happier customers who buy more and are much more likely to endorse your business.  We all have examples of times when we have experienced poor customer service which has alienated us from a business or organisation vowing to never use them again whilst sharing our dissatisfaction with family and friends.

So, the business benefits are clear; increased productivity, good customer service, staff retention and attraction of new talented people, all leading to increased profits.

Some of the best employers use charitable initiatives to ignite their staff’s emotional connection to the company and these too deliver additional measurable business benefits such as reducing training or development costs. A word of caution, the charity initiatives need to be meaningful and have a synergy to the business goals to make the most of every opportunity.   Staff should be involved in the planning and selection of these initiatives so they can see themselves reflected in the social impact and are committed.  Without this commitment, it can be difficult to achieve buy in for the opportunity and reap the benefits.

A standalone charity partnership that isn’t embedded across the organisation is missing out on so many of the business benefits mentioned above. Many companies have a  stand alone staff charity committees and chose a beneficiary by staff vote whereas a comprehensive Corporate Social Responsibility strategy could add focus to that choice.  By ensuring a comprehensive CSR strategy is in place at the heart of a business can not only enable companies to make a genuine difference to society, but also deliver a business benefit.

70 percent info


Businesses worried about the cost of implementing this should recognise how it can deliver true win-wins, engaging and improving authentic brand reputation among external and internal stakeholders especially using social media, contributing to the development of employees, making staff proud of the company they work for and motivated to perform at their best.


Get in touch to discuss how a comprehensive Corporate Social Responsibility strategy could add real benefit to your business.


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